Libertarian Party of the District of Columbia

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Chairperson [Ryan Sabot]]
Vice-Chair None
Treasurer None
Secretary None

LNC Region 5 - South

Address 4410 Massachusetts Ave., NW Suite 181
Washington, DC 20016

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The Libertarian Party of DC is the Washington, DC affiliate of the Libertarian Party. The state chair is Ryan Sabot.

In the 2012 election, real estate agent Bruce Majors, 54, was the party's candidate for Delegate. Majors received more than 13,000 votes, coming in second to the Democratic candidate (there was no Republican candidate), which was enough to win the D.C. Libertarians major party status for the first time in its history. Major party status means that the party has automatic ballot status, without having to petition, for the next four years.[1]

Past Officials and StaffEdit

David Alan, chair, vice chair
Aaron Bitterman, media and public relations
Marc Brandl, vice chair
Tom Davis, treasurer, secretary
Kat DeBurgh, chair, secretary
David Guard, vice chair
Dick Heller, vice chair, treasurer
Janet Hopf, vice chair
Bob Hunt, secretary
J Bradley Jansen, vice chair
Rob Kampia, chair
Katherine Kelly, secretary
Howard Kenyon, vice chair, treasurer
Shannon McMenamin, chair
Carol Moore, chair, treasurer, secretary
Bill Piper, vice chair


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