Libertarian Party of Delaware


Chairperson George Jurgensen
Vice-Chair Everett Salyer
Treasurer Jim Holliday
Secretary Brad C. Thomas

LNC Region 5 - South

Address P.O. Box 1472
Dover, DE 19903-1472


The Libertarian Party of Delaware is the Delaware affiliate of the Libertarian Party. The state chair is James Rash.

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New Castle Rep 1: Lisa Busch
New Castle Rep 2: Brian Lintz
Kent Rep 1: Rob Kitz
Sussex Rep 1: Valerie Valeska

Past OfficersEdit

George Smith, chair
Jim Holliday, vice chair
Jim Conk, treasurer
Terri Lewis, secretary

Newsletter EditorEdit

Everett Salyer


See: Libertarian Party of Delaware Historical Election Results

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