Libertarian Party of Colorado


Chairperson David K. Williams, Jr.
Vice-Chair Vacant
Treasurer Leah Kelley
Secretary Records Director

LNC Region 1

Founded 1972
Address 6989 S. Jordan Rd., Suite 5
Centennial, CO 80112


The Libertarian Party of Colorado is the state affiliate of the Libertarian Party in Colorado. The state chair is David K. WIlliams, Jr..[1]

Elected libertarians in Colorado include city councilmen Doug Anderson in Lakewood, Colorado, Joe Johnson in Frederick, Colorado, and sheriff Bill Masters in San Miguel County.


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Chair: David K. Williams, Jr.
Campaigns Director: Norm Olsen
Front Range Outreach Director: Jeff Orrok
Western Slope Outreach Director: Debbie Schum
Legislative Director: Justin Longo
Media Director: Kate Melvin
Records Director: Steve Gallant
Treasurer: Leah Kelley
Fundraising Director: Deni Cates
Membership Director: Clint Jones
Publications Director: Jaime Brown

Past officersEdit

Keith L. Hamburger, Chair (c. 1990) Travis Lee Nicks, Chair (2005-2009
Norm T. Olsen, Chair (2003-2005)
John K. Berntson, Chair (2001-2003)
Bette Rose Smith Ryan, Chair (1997-2001
Johanna Fallis, Treasurer
Gaar Potter, Treasurer (2002-2003)
Bud Martin, Treasurer
Wesley Long, Treasurer
Norm T. Olsen, Campaigns Director (2002-2003)
Samantha Kelly, Campaigns Director (2003-2004)
Michael McKinzie, Campaigns Director (2004-2006)
Leah Kelley, Campaigns Director (2006-2008)
Dr. Shawn Elke Glazer, Fundraising Director (2001-2002)
Walter Schlommer, Fundraising Director (2002)
Dana Wagenhoffer, Fundraising Director (2003)
Michele Poague, Fundraising Director
Judd Ptak, Fundraising Director
Kent McNaughton, Information Director (1999-2000)
David Bryant, Information Director (2000-2001)
Margaret Alia Denny, Information Director (2001-2002)
Mike Seebeck, Information Director (2002-2003)
Judd Ptak, Legislative Director (2001-2002)
Floyd Bilderback, Legislative Director (2002-2003)
Paul Tiger, Legislative Director (2003-2004)
Richard C. Randall, Legislative Director (2004-2008)
David K. Williams, Jr., Legislative Director (2008-2009)
Desiree Hickson, Media Director (2003-2005)
Sean Ayers, Media Director (2005-2007)
Chris Thompson, Media Director (2007-2008)
Richard C. Randall, Media Director (2008-2009)
Debbie Schum, Western Slope Outreach Director (2005-2007)
Ronald Bain, Western Slope Outreach Director (2007-2008)
Brian Rachocki, Outreach Director
Tony Ryan, Outreach Director (2002-2003)
Rand Fanshier, Outreach Director
Ari Armstrong, Publications Director (1999-2001)
Richard Combs, Publications Director (2001-2002)
Jim Vance, Publications Director (2002-2003)
Steve Gallant, Publications Director (2003-2005)
Patrick Esser, Publications Director (2005-2007)


See: Libertarian Party of Colorado Historical Election Results

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