Libertarian Party
Libertarische Partij
Leader Toine Manders
Founded 1993
Thinktank Bernard de Mandeville Instituut
Ideology Libertarianism
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Template:Election netherlands The Libertarian Party (Dutch: Libertarische Partij, LP) is a Dutch political party.


The LP was founded in 1993. Its founder and chairman is Toine Manders (not to be confused with the VVD MEP of the same name), who works for the Haags Juristen College.

In 2003 the board members Laura Buit, Arjan van Eersel, David Jessurun and Niek Holtzappel, left the party because of a dispute about the party's goals. Their intention was to found a new party, which has resulted in "De Liberalen", a short-lived initiative. David Jessurun Later joined "De Vrijheidslijst" but is currently not active politically.

The party took part in Dutch general election of 1994, and got 2,754 votes and no seats. The party did participate in the Dutch general election of 2012, but got only 4,205 votes.

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