Template:Refimprove Kaye Sargent (died 21 November 2006) was a political activist in Ontario, Canada. She was the Deputy Leader of the Ontario Libertarian Party, and served as the party's leader for three years in the late 1980s. She also campaigned as a federal candidate for the Libertarian Party of Canada.

Formerly a singer, Sargent became a homemaker and writer living in Innerkip, Ontario. She was an environmentalist before the movement entered the political or popular mainstream[1] As a follower of Ayn Rand (though critical of some of Rand's ideas), Sargent became involved with the Libertarian Party in 1979. She was the founder of the Oxford County Libertarian Constituency Association and Sargent led the OLP into the provincial election of 1987, and remained one of the party's most prominent figures till her death. She was elected as the party's Deputy Leader in 1999. [2]

Sargent died on November 21, 2006 at Woodstock, Ontario.

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