British Columbia Libertarian Party
Leader Vacant
President Paul Geddes
Founded 1986 (1986)
Headquarters 703-1180 Falcon Dr
Coquitlam, British Columbia
V3E 2K7
Ideology Libertarianism
Colours Green

The British Columbia Libertarian Party is a libertarian political party in British Columbia, Canada.


It first nominated candidates in the 1986 provincial election. It has never won a seat in the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia.

In the 1996 general election British Columbia general election, 1996, with party leader Ken Wiebe of Saanich British Columbia Saanich South, the party had its best-ever results, nominating 17 candidates and winning 2,041 votes (0.13% of the popular vote).

In the 2001 general election, the party nominated no candidates and party president (Paul Geddes) ran as a candidate for the British Columbia Marijuana Party.

In the 2005 provincial election, it nominated 6 candidates, who won a total of 1,003 votes (0.06% of the provincial total).

John Clarke had the best result of any of the party's candidates, winning 361 votes (1.36% of the total) in Vancouver-Burrard riding.

Election resultsEdit

Election # of
Elected Popular vote
# % Change
1986 3 - 341 0.02% *
1991 11 - 860 0.06% +0.04%
1996 17 - 2,041 0.13% +0.07%
2001 No candidates nominated
2005 6 - 1,361 0.08% *
2009 6 - 1,468 0.09% +0.01%

Note: * Party did not nominate candidates in the previous election.

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