Alaska Libertarian Party


Chairperson Mark Fish
Vice-Chair Harley Brown
Secretary Stephen Merrill

LNC Region 2

Address PMB 373
205 E. Dimond Blvd.
Anchorage, AK 99515


The Alaska Libertarian Party is the Alaska affiliate of the Libertarian Party (United States) .

Election HistoryEdit

The Alaska Libertarian party has had some electoral success. At the state level, Dick Randolph was elected to the House in 1978 and re-elected in 1980, Ken Fanning was also elected to the House in 1980, and Andre Marrou was elected to the House in 1984. In the 2010 elections, Scott Kohlhaas received 30% of the vote in a two-way race for state House. At the local level, Sara Chambers was elected to the Juneau city assembly in 2006, and Richard Robb currently serves on the Bethel City Council, winning his election in 2009.

Executive CommitteeEdit

Chair: Mark Fish (2012- )
Vice Chair: Harley Brown
Secretary: Stephen Merrill (2012- )
Communications Director: Chuck Green (2012- )

Past OfficersEdit

Scott Kohlhaas, chair (-2012)
Chip Spangler, secretary (-2012) Carolyn Clift, communications director (-2012)
Neal Boyd, elections
Alan Caruth, webmaster
Sara Chambers, vice chair
Jason Dowell, chair
Ed Hoch, platform
Len Karpinski, secretary
Scott Kohlhaas, chair
July Leslie, treasurer
Erinn Marshburn, membership
Trenton Pool, vice chair
Phillip “Logan” Ray, membership
Chip Spangler, constitution & bylaws
Billy Toien, nominations
Ron Windeler, constitution & bylaws


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